Work-Life Balance Tips from your Louisville Apartments

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Welcome to another brand new blog from your community of apartments in Louisville, KY! In this week’s blog, we’ll be talking about the all-important topic of work-life balance. With everyone having 24/7 access to their work email, it can be hard to find time to unwind and unplug. If you follow the advice below, however, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect balance between work and the rest of your life.


Let’s jump right into this week’s blog, shall we? Oh, and when you’re done reading through this blog, please feel free to share the link to this page with your friends. Better yet, go ahead and share it with your neighbors at your community of Louisville apartments!


“You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you. And thinking that way empowers you to work really hard for a really long period of time.”


―Marissa Mayer, President of Yahoo


We love this first quote because it emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the things in your life that you truly value. Your work might be one of those things, but you probably place more value in things like your family, your hobbies and your personal health. Give time to those things and watch as you have more energy to give to your work! Speaking of personal health…


“Take care of yourself. When you don’t sleep, eat crap, don’t exercise, and are living off adrenaline for too long, your performance suffers. Your decisions suffer. Your company suffers”


— Ev Williams, Founder of Twitter

This next quote brings up a great point about paying attention to your health before you pay attention to anything else. You can’t perform well at work if you feel sick or if you’re running on a couple hours of sleep. If you take care of your health, you’ll be better equipped to take care of everything else in your life.

“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.”

―Heather Schuck, Author

Last but not least, we have a quote about paying attention to the other aspects of your life beyond your job. You have to like where you live and who you surround yourself with before you’ll ever like your place of work. Everything is connected, so think about looking at those other aspects of your life before you think about finding a new job.


With that, we’ve reached the end of our list of quotes about work-life balance! We’d like to thank you for reading this week’s blog, and we encourage you to check back to read our next post when it goes up live in a couple of weeks! While you wait for that next post to go up, be sure to start making some positive changes in your life by keeping these work-life balance tips in mind.


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